Theoretical Ecology Research GroupCHINESE
   Principle Investigator:Yi Tao, Ph.D, Professor

>> Workshop on 'Phylogenetic comparative methods in evolutionary anthropology'

   Group Members:
   Dr. Ling Ling Deng, Assistant Professor in Evolutionary and Behavior Ecology.
   Dr. Ting Ji, Assistant Professor in Evolutionary and Behavior Ecology
   Dr. Xiu-deng Zheng, Assistant Professor in Evolutionary and Behavior Ecology
   Cong Li, Research Assistant in Theoretical Evolutionary Biology

   Qiao-Qiao He, Post-doctor in Evolutionary and Behavior Ecology
   Song-jia Fan, Master Student in Evolutionary and Behavior Ecology

 Research Fields:
  Evolutionary Game Theory, Behavior Ecology, and Computational Biology (stochastic dynamics of gene expression).

 International collaboration:
  Dr. Ross Cressman, Professor in mathematics and theoretical evolutionary biology, Department of Mathematics, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON. Canada.
  Dr. Sabin Lessard, Professor in mathematics and theoretical evolutionary biology, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Montreal, Montreal, HQ. Canada.
  Dr. Ruth Mace, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, Convenor of the Human Evolutionary Ecology Group, Department of Anthropology, University College London, UK


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